Featured Image for Uber announces glorious, unholy partnership with McDonald’s for one lucky Aussie city

Uber announces glorious, unholy partnership with McDonald’s for one lucky Aussie city

Uber and McDonald’s,an unholy marriage. After trialling in the United States and the United Kingdown, McDonald’s Australia has announced that it will be partnering with UberEATS to provide home delivery services in Melbourne.

The company says, “As part of the partnership between McDonald’s and Uber, we are rolling out seven restaurants on UberEATS in Melbourne. Stay tuned as we continue to make McDonald‘s available at the push of a button throughout Melbourne.”

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This isn’t the first delivery service McDonald’s has partnered with, having already offered Sydneysiders the option to receive their Fillet-O-Fish right to their front door through the app Menulog.

Though as the UberEATS franchise has taken off, McDonald’s has seen the appeal and attraction of partnering with the company to make sure their products are easily accessible to everyone at the touch of a button.

It’s a concept that has been trialled and tested in over 200 McDonald’s franchises, in Florida since December.

UberEverything head Jason Droege is thrilled with the new deal, which will see Uber bring MacDonald’s iconic flavours to consumers across Melbourne, “Whether you are at home or at the park, we are building UberEATS to serve up the right food, for right now – from salads to Big Macs – at the tap of a button.”

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It may be time to farewell the late night Maccas run and instead embrace the McLovin’ from the comfort of bed!

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