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Apple’s next move will destroy the ‘text and drive’ culture

Regardless of the amount of stats we’re shown, Australians have developed a nasty habit of texting while driving.

It’s born of a ridiculous mentality that says ‘It couldn’t possibly happen to me’. That logic just doesn’t hold up.

There have been a host of ads targeted at Aussies – particularly young Aussies, although all age groups are responsible. The most recent was the ‘Get your hand off it’ campaign, which featured…questionable…design.

Man in car with Transport NSW logo

But ads don’t work nearly as well as we want them to. The Deloitte ‘Mobile Consumer Survey’ released in 2015 presented findings that “42 percent of smartphone owners aged 18-75 had used their phones while driving.”

It seems that this issue is mirrored across the globe, because Apple deemed it important enough to address at their recent Worldwide Developers Conference. Techly saw the ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ feature released live, as part of a broader iOS 11 overhaul.

The iOS 11 update allow the iPhone to recognise when it’s in a car – through Bluetooth, cable connection, or movement. When it does detect that the owner is driving, the screen will stay dark and notifications will be silenced. It was made pretty clear at WWDC, though, that passengers will be able to manually bypass the setting.

Messages sent to drivers will be greeted with a standard reply that the driver will ‘get back to you once they get where they’re going’. A select few contacts saved as ‘Favourites’ will have the option to reply with ‘urgent’ and have their message push past the dark mode.

If you still think that an update like this isn’t important or potentially life-saving, have a look at how far your car can travel if you look away for two seconds.

See how far you travel when you take your eyes off the road for just two seconds:

Distance travelled in 2 mins

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