Featured Image for LIVE: Products and software updates galore at WWDC 2017

LIVE: Products and software updates galore at WWDC 2017

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is an annual event held by Apple which invites developers from all corners of the globe to come together, learn from experts, and share ideas.

A number of successful projects have been supported by the groups or programs facilitated at WWDC, the Aussie apps Streaks and Zova being two examples.

The conference will be held between 5-9 June 2017, with a lot of hype around the fact that the event has moved from San Francisco to San Jose. While San Fran is arguably the current hub of the Silicon Valley, moving to the quieter, more spacious San Jose is considered to be an attempt to make the event more affordable and enticing for developers.

Techly is attending the event live in San Jose. We’ve also put together WWDC live-stream guide, so you can watch along with us.


And we have…Home Pod – $USD349, available in white and space grey (AUSTRALIA ONE OF THE FIRST SHIPPING DESTINATIONS)

– 7 inches tall
– 7 beam-forming tweeter (is used to direct the audio and present clarified audio)
– Powered by A8 chip (iPhone chip)
– Spatial awareness of home environment means that the speaker’s audio is tailored to the room
– Ambient audio is taken care of
– Marrying Apple Music with predictive playlists
– Speech navigation & integration with HomeKitHome Pod


Come on Apple. Announce the Speaker.


“We’ve got one last thing to talk about”

Crowd holds its breath

“Let’s talk about Music”

Crowds sighs

12:01 – Toby Paterson


Scannable (& signable) documents – easier than ever

12:00 – Deep learning recognises what you’re writing, in your own handwriting. Pencil and Notes are able to word search your own work (after being indexed in Spotlight)

11:55 – Here we go. ‘Files’ is official.
Files supports iCloud AND third-party providers.

11:54 – Drag and drop comes to iPad Pro, as does a fast and intuitive task bar.

11:52 – $150USD difference between the 10.5 and 12.9 inch iPad Pro

Designers worldwide are going to drool over the performance possibilities that the new iPad Pro can offer. I can’t wait to see what can be created!

iPad Pro - both sizes

What is ProMotion?
– 120 Hz refresh rate
– “the difference is dramatic”
– “We think these are the most advanced displays on the planet”

This is the second time in 2 hours that “buttery smooth” has been used a description *shudders*

11:40 – There are currently two models of iPad Pro

“A whole lot more to love” – 10.5 inch retina display is 20% larger than the 9.7 inch.

Perfect size for a full-size onscreen keyboard

Chinese and Japanese smart keyboards available

11:39 – Two major updates to go

11:36 – Alisdair Coull, of Wingnut AR, speaks about augmented reality

11:30 – Machine learning and augmented reality updates on the way.

Core ML – converts machine learning models
6x faster than the Google Pixel image recognition per minute

AR kit – Augmented reality looks incredibly realistic, and is able to react dynamically. Impressive.

Fast and stable motion tracking. Automatically recognises scale through understanding the context of the environment

AR kit is tipped to become “the largest AR platform in the world”

11:24 – “We’re going to completely redesign the App Store”

‘Today’ app works like Apple News’ ‘Top Stories’ as a discover function

‘The Daily list’ compiles according to themes

11:20 – App store updates are being introduced by Phil Schiller

The App store is nine years old (whaaaa?)

180 billion apps have been downloaded to-date

$70 billion paid to developers through the App Store – one of many reasons that the Apple/ Developer relationship is so important

Developers cheer for the faster app review times – under 24 hours – “many in 1-2 hours”

HomeKit updates – Do I hear Siri speaker?


Awesome multi-room audio is enabled and open to developers.

Not what was expected – where’s Siri Speaker?

‘Maps’ is updated directories and searches within urban shopping centres and airports. Seamlessly integrating into everyday experiences.

Oooo, speed limit and lane navigation updates will help so many drivers!

The ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ mode is excellent for safety, and keeping people present – ironic (but awesome) for a device!


“major redesign to control centre”
– Control centre is a single page
– Animations and sliders make controls feel much more natural
There’s the classic “I think you’re gonna love it”

Lock screen can be accessed through scroll down – will take some time to get used to

‘Memories’ is getting smarter –
‘Faces’ is getting so so much smarter

Live photos are being enhanced

JPEG is getting a shakeup, with the introduction of High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF)

iPhone 7 Plus’ focus on portraits is being expanded, with Depth API and True tone improvements.

What are our Siri updates?

Deep learning has improved Siri’s voice – it sounds more natural and fluid.

Siri enables translation – speak to Siri and she will automatically speak in Chinese, French, German & Spanish

Siri’s getting better at predicting – what you like, what you do, where you’re going, and what you want.

Everything is synced – Siri is synced across all devices

Getting ready for iOS 11 updates. makeitgoodmakeitgoooood

“Crank it to 11” – I hear you, Tim

Automatically synced Messages – across all devices

ApplePay has been confirmed as person-to-person payment platform. Integrated into Messages. Sending and receiving money via messages can be verified via Touch ID

10:57 – iMac pro starting at “just” $USD4999

10:55 – Just a thought – “terraflop” sounds like the fakest jargon ever

10:54 – shipping with options of 8 core, 10 core & 18 core Zion processors

10:53 -“wihtout a doubt the most beautiful and powerful Mac we’ve ever made”

10:52 – It won’t be shipping until the ned of the year, but we’ve got an iMac Pro update – “seriously badass space grey finish”

10:50 – 4K iMac that starts at $1299 – will update you with Australian pricing post-event
13-inch Macbook at $1299


Industrial light and magic star, John Knoll, chats graphics – to big applause from fans in the audience

10:42– 10-bit dithering – “your content will look more true-to-life than ever before

Kaby Lake – how will this boost the iMac capability?

10:40 – Beta version of High Sierra available to developers TODAY, with full access to the public open later this month.

10:39 – YASSS Apple. Bringing in high-performance VR – Steam VR is coming to Mac.

The developers are loving it

Craig talks about the way Metal has enhanced products created by developers.
The update to ’Metal’ is ‘Metal 2’ – REALLY should’ve been named ‘Heavy Metal’. Damn, Apple.

Metal 2 utilises deep machine learning.

The ‘Files’ system, tipped to be updated after a leaked tweet the night before, has been confirmed as a MacOS update.

SHEESH – High Sierra looks speeeeedy – particularly with loading large files.

improvement of ‘Faces’ recognition & synced across all devices 9after names and details added manually)

Craig Federighi talks MacOS updates, named ‘MacOS HIGH SIERRA’ – “this name is fully baked”

Safari has autoplay blocking and is removing irritating ad tracking, using machine learning to prevent lurking ads popping up for you

10:24 – Apple News – select stories (pushing ‘Top Stories’ to the top)

Music & AirPods
3:23 – Album art & playlist compilation

10:22 – NFC reader (dependant on gym equipment) – to address the disparity between gym info and Apple watch HR and calorie info

10:19 – Monthly challenges, motivation notifications & milestone celebrations

10:16 – Kevin Lynch – watchOs4
Customisable watch faces & summarised information
Siri updates power the new watch face – sorted by relevance and machine learning insights. E.g. Commute, weather, calendar updates. Taking the lead from Facebook – photo reminders (this time last year) – to keep you engaged

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