Featured Image for The Eiffel Tower just opened up a giant zip line and it’s pure bloody magic

The Eiffel Tower just opened up a giant zip line and it’s pure bloody magic

To celebrate the French Open, you can now take a zip line from the Eiffel Tower, across the Champs de Mars and finishing at the L’École Militaire, and all in just 1 minute.

This thrilling new attraction was set up by Perrier to celebrate the start of the Grand Slam, Roland Garros, on the 21st of May. Cleverly named “Le Perrier Smash”, the zip line sends those brave enough flying at heights of 115 metres above the ground and at speeds up to 90 kilometres per hour! That speed, of course, being the same as many high powered tennis serves taking place on the clay court at present.

man on zip line from eiffel tower

(Image: Reuters)

The free ride will be in operation from the 5th to the 11th of June, so get in quick before it’s game, set, match!

This temporary attraction is just one of the many things that bring millions every year to the world’s most visited monument.

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So if you do find yourself in Paris, by all means go and visit this stunning site. If not for the beautiful view of the city at the top, do it for the two restaurants, a glass of France’s finest bubbles at the Champagne bar, being able to look through the glass bottom lookout or to witness the secret apartment at the top, designed by Gustave Eiffel himself! Though sadly it isn’t open to tourists.

Yet again, “oui oui pour Paris!” producing not just a grand slam, but a zippy one at that!

S'élancer du deuxième étage de la Tour Eiffel c'est désormais possible grâce à Perrier jusqu'à la fin du tournois de Roland Garros. 150 mètres de hauteur à 90km/h ??? #Perrier #RolandGarros #PremiereMondiale #Tyrolienne #TourEiffel #FranceInter #Enrobé #SmashPerrier

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