Featured Image for Apple’s latest conference planned for everything – even the APPocalypse

Apple’s latest conference planned for everything – even the APPocalypse

In a world that’s dangerously dependent on instant connectivity and the convenience of apps, Apple imagined what would happen if every app in the world went offline instantaneously.

It was a bold move to kick off their Worldwide Developers Conference, but it underscored the importance of developers who dare to create, and the world their work affects.

The tagline was ‘Keep making apps. The world is depending on you’. The rest of the keynote focused on how to make Apple better for developers, including the youngest attendee (an Aussie, btw) and the oldest attendee.

So what does an app-free world look like?

Total chaos, to be honest.

The App Store is a black market. Lyft is now an old car being pulled by a horse. Tinder has become a literal meat market. FarmVille and Candy Crush aren’t so glam. FaceSwap is gory, and selfies have to be printed out. It’s a brilliant way to make it clear that the world relies on apps – and on good developers.

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