Featured Image for Apple launched the Siri Speaker today…but its name is totally unexpected

Apple launched the Siri Speaker today…but its name is totally unexpected

Apple users have been waiting a loooong time for this.

Trusted Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, has given a “more than fifty percent chance” of Apple unveiling a Siri speaker – and he was right!

Given Apple’s recent expansion into HomeKit and the success of competing models including the Amazon Echo and Google Home, it makes perfect sense for Apple to release the Siri Speaker into the market.

An update to Siri, alongside the release of the HomePod, perfectly plays into the hands of developers converging on Apple HQ. The speaker’s release takes advantage of improvements to Apple Music, which encourages social engagement (through updates of what friends are listening to), and employs insights gained from machine learning, like your favourite songs.

The features of Apple’s HomePod are exciting, because of their potential. The integration with Siri just makes sense although, as it was pointed out by many spectators, the naming of the HomePod was a little bit underwhelming. I, like others who I chatted with, feel like ‘Siri Speaker’ is a more fitting title.

But it’s more about the tech than the name.HomePod being asked Siri questions

“HomePod packs powerful speaker technology, Siri intelligence and wireless access to the entire Apple Music library into a beautiful speaker that is less than 17 centimetres tall, can rock most any room with distortion-free music and be a helpful assistant around your home.” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.

Australia will be one of the first countries to receive the rollout of HomePod units, which will be available in December 2017. The 17-centimetre speaker is priced at $USD 349, but there is currently no Australian pricing available.


  • 17 centimetres tall
  • 7 beam-forming tweeter (is used to direct the audio and present clarified audio)
  • Powered by A8 chip (iPhone chip)
  • Spatial awareness of home environment means that the speaker’s audio is tailored to the room, and accounts for ambient audio
  • Marries Apple Music with predictive playlists and Siri’s deep learning
  • Speech navigation & integration with HomeKit
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