Featured Image for WATCH: Cop dances with kids at Manchester benefit concert, goes insanely viral

WATCH: Cop dances with kids at Manchester benefit concert, goes insanely viral

Ariana Grande’s One Love concert for the Manchester victims was a truly special occasion.

There were fears for the event’s security after another terrorist attack in London claimed seven lives over the weekend, but in a show of strength and courage, the show went on.

Take That, Justin Bieber, Little Mix, Katy Perry and Ariana Grande herself took to the stage in front of 60,000 people at Old Trafford leaving the Manchester faithful with countless unforgettable moments.

But perhaps the most heartwarming moment of all didn’t come from the stage, but from the crowd.

Footage on social media has gone viral after showing a legendary policeman having a bit of a jig with some kids at the concert.

Elliot Wagland from The London Evening Standard captured the officers holding hands with a group of kids and skipping around in a circle during Justin Bieber’s performance.

It happened again during Coldplay’s tear-jerker, ‘Fix You’, but this time with even more people.

As their city grieves, its moments of positivity and defiance that give the rest of the country hope and strength.

It was a touching reminder that even in their darkest moments, fear and terror will not win out over love and solidarity.

Kudos to the cops, and kudos to the kids.

It’s not the first beautiful musical moment, during a performance at Etihad Stadium a few days ago, Robbie Williams choked up dedicating ‘Angels’ to the Manchester victims.

He bravely tried to battle on, but his emotions got the better of him.

The crowd stood up to the plate though, and took over the lead vocals – 50,000 backup singers finishing the job.

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