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Meet the incredible 10-year-old Aussie app developer taking WWDC by storm

Yuma Soerianto has been working with code since he was six years old. This year, the St. Kilda local is knocking everyone’s socks off at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference.

Soerianto is an ambitious 10-year-old who has created five apps in the past year – yes, you read that correctly – and manages a YouTube channel where he teaches other kids to code.

He is one of 350 recipients of the WWDC Scholarship program, which rewards talented students and STEM organisation members with the opportunity to attend WWDC.

While he is the youngest developer to be part of this year’s program, he is joined by the oldest attendee, Masako Wakayima.

The interest in coding and app development seems to have come organically to the Year 5 student.

“I started when I was six, with Code.org,” he explains. “Later on, I started making websites with HTML and CSS. I made online games and websites. Then, when Swift came out I started learning it for free through the iTunes Stanford University course and I managed to finish it!”

Soerianto made his first app one year ago, and has made five apps since. In order, he has created:

  • Kid Calculator
  • Weather Duck
  • Pocket Poké
  • Hunger Button
  • Let’s Stack!
  • Aaaand there are no signs of slowing down for the boy wonder, as he mentioned that he created an app to help his parents navigate the American tipping system…on the flight to California.

    App creation comes easily to Soerianto, but he created the ‘Anyone Can Code’ channel so that other kids can learn to code.

    “I created the channel to teach them how to make apps, but I’ve actually found out that some of the people watching are adults. So they’re learning too!” Soerianto says with infectious optimism.

    Being part of the WWDC Scholarship program is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Yuma Soerianto, and he has plans to make the most of the one-on-one time he gets with developers, as well as the intensive workshopping.

    His first priority is to share the experience with his ‘Anyone Can Code’ audience. Then he’ll aim to skill up on making his code cleaner and understanding the workings of in-app purchases.

    So what does he want to become when he’s older?


    Well, maybe in his dreams. In reality, Soerianto says, “I want to continue creating apps. I want to create apps which can revolutionise the world. I want to teach so I can get people into coding and improve the technology we have now.”

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