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Meet the 82-year-old genius attending Apple’s WWDC this year

Masako Wakamiya is living proof that age is not a limitation, and certainly not an excuse.

At the ripe ol’ age of 82, Wakamiya is a retired banker, TED talk afficienado, textbook producer, and an app developer. She’ll be the oldest person in attendance at Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Jose and she seems like a total badass.

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Wakamiya has previously said that she was first exposed to computers 22 years ago, but that her online literacy has always been an uphill battle. When she realised that fellow seniors struggled with the digital products – particularly games – on offer, Wakamiya took it upon herself to develop something that would fix the problem.

In an interview with CNN, Wakamiya explained one of the many reasons older generations find it hard to connect with widely-used applications – “We easily lose games when playing against young people, since our finger movements can’t match their speed,”

The app she developed is called Hinadan, and draws upon the Japanese cultural knowledge of Hinamatsuri, or ‘Girl’s Day’. The game requires players to match dolls to the correct dresses, and place them in the correct order.

As confirmed by Forbes, Wakamiya will be the oldest attendee of WWDC. She hopes to use the week-long developer’s conference to deepen her understanding – and perhaps develop a few more apps!

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