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Russian dissident’s censored video reappears on PornHub

PornHub – the website everyone seems to know about but no-one has ever visited – have uploaded a different kind of video this weekend. And no, it’s not that new fetish that you’ve missed out on and all the cool peeps are talking about – it’s a video about Russian political corruption.


Entitled ‘Russian Politician F%*ked Hard’, because, well you know, PornHub’s gonna PornHub, the video was created by dissident Russian politician Alexei Navalny. Navalny has for some time been the most prominent critic of President Vladimir Putin, and has suffered repeated intimidation and censorship attempts in the process.

The move came after a Russian court told Navalny to take down a video of him berating Putin and his cronies as ‘a party of crooks and thieves’. PornHub responded to say that they’d be happy to upload the video to their own site, under a different title of course.

Navalny thanked PornHub for the offer, saying “This will help many citizens realise what corrupt officials do to the people of Russia”. He also encouraged PornHub to remake the clip in line with their usual video offerings.

The SFW clip has since been taken down by PornHub, although there has been no official indication as to why.

Navelny is walking a difficult path in Russia, having been repeatedly jailed and also attacked by ‘Brilliant Green’, a poisonous green dye that stained his face and sent him blind in one eye.

Image: Alexei Navalny

Russian dissident Alexei Navalny after being attacked by green dye.
Image: Alexei Navalny

It might seem odd for the website to be weighing into politics, but the line between politics and porn has become particularly blurry recently – especially as current US President Donald Trump once appeared in a soft-core porn movie.

Things got even murkier earlier in the year when Trump’s Attorney-General Jeff Sessions announced he was going to try and find a way to ban some types of pornography – something which might have come as a surprise to his boss.

We’ve discussed PornHub and politics before – including when some hero uploaded Trump’s American Carnage inauguration speech to the site under a crude but accurate title.

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