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Local cops left a confronting surprise for this very drunk Aussie

The weekend is almost here, and many of you reading this now will end up drinking more than you expect. But if you overdo it, you’d better hope you get as lucky as this guy.

His name’s Reece, and he lives in Tasmania. It seems like Reece got a bit carried away last weekend. And after a few too many cups, he came to the attention of local law enforcement.

You can guess how that probably went: poor drunk Reece gets tossed in a tiny cell after a ride in the back of a police car. And that would only be fair, right? We all know the rules of the game when we go out to play it.

But Reece got lucky. Reporting on the incident was Tasmanian Police, with insights from Senior Sergeant Craig Fox, who explained that he was one of two cops called by a taxi company worried about Reece’s safety on his way home – “they found out the man’s address, took him home and waited for a friend to arrive to look after him”.

Whatever the case may be, Reece’s caretakers went above and beyond their civic duty. Because instead of spending his night in a tiny cell, he was escorted home, and treated to an impromptu photo shoot as he got into bed:

Tasmania Police encourages party-goers to plan ahead so they can enjoy their night.

Senior Sgt Craig Fox, of Northern…

Posted by Tasmania Police on Sunday, 28 May 2017

Senior Sergeant Fox said that the photo was taken “in the likely event he could not remember how he got home”. Reece had no memory of it until he found it on his phone the next day and, naturally, he put it up on social media.

So if you’re in Tasmania and heading out for a few drinks, you’d better hope these are the cops that show up on the scene. And if you see Reece, tell him maybe he should take it easy this weekend. Just a thought.

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