This video of a blindfolded Muslim man in Manchester offering hugs will make your eyes all foggy

What the world needs now…is love sweet love…

Hal David’s lyrics have rarely been more relevant in recent times than in the wake of the atrocious bombing in Manchester last week.

The attack which killed 22 people (many of those children) left the city shaken, but evidently not broken.

A heartwarming video has gone up by Baktash Noori, a Muslim Youtuber, who was blindfolded in Manchester offering hugs to strangers.

The sign read: “I’m Muslim and I trust you. Do you trust me enough for a hug?”.

The act of kindness could have easily gone wrong, with these sorts of attacks often stoking Islamaphobic sentiment (hate crimes reportedly doubled in the wake of the attack).

As you’ll see in this incredibly heartwarming video, this certainly wasn’t the case for the people of Manchester on this day – who chose to fight hate with love.

Noori told the Manchester Evening News:

“The first 30 seconds were nerve racking… but once I got that first hug with a lovely comment from that gentleman in my video, it made me feel a whole lot better.

“With every hug, the comments I received were amazing, some were getting all teary and it’s not hard to tell by a person’s hug and tone of voice how much better their, and my day became because of this.

What a legend.

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