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Brainy octopus shows humans what real cunning looks like

Octopuses (or ‘octopi’ if you insist on being incorrect) are incredibly intelligent creatures. That’s a fact we’ve known for quite a long time.

They can be little Houdinis, can hurl weapons at other sea creatures, and they’re advanced enough to be able to alter their own genetic makeup. They’re aliens, really.

It seems that the tricksters have set their sights on destabilising the fishing economy. They’ve started in the United Kingdom, and I’ve got no doubt that Australia will be next on the list of Commonwealth targets.

A BBC vid shows the ingenious way that the Giant Pacific Octopus species is outsmarting crab fishermen. Once the crab traps are lowered to the very bottom of the ocean, crabs take the bait and get stuck in the wire cages.

Evolution gave crabs thick-as-heck shells but held back on developing their brains. The octopus, being from another planet, doesn’t have the same limitations and poaching the crabs from the traps.

And yep, they’re smart enough to leave something behind so fishermen know who hit ’em.

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