Featured Image for A new chat bot is learning how to think like an Australian

A new chat bot is learning how to think like an Australian

A new messenger bot is being used to conduct daily polling of Australians.

Ol’ Trumpster was given a 15 percent chance of winning the U.S. election and went on to get just a few votes less than Hillary to win. Brexit was predicted by 55 of 150 polls conducted in the lead-up to the vote.

In an era where polls are seemingly less relevant, an Aussie entrepreneur is attempting to restructure the way we think. Fed up with apathy and political disconnection, Bob Tronson made Auspolibot. Auspolibot asks you 3 questions a day on Facebook Messenger and takes less than 2 minutes.

“Australia has an hour to hour news cycle coming at the public from multiple platforms, while issues polling has a fortnightly turn around and is most often undertaken by phone. If government policy and decisions can be influenced by polling results, polling techniques that engage with a larger section of the community through multiple platforms can add to the mix and improve accuracy”

The chat bot hits you up every day with a bit of background info (as well as links if you feel like taking a deep dive) and then asks 3 questions. The results are published within 24 hours on the Facebook group and displayed in baller excel pie charts. Who doesn’t love pie?

The bot hopes to increase engagement by doing most of the work and offering digestible and fun content. On the weekends you’ll be polled on fluffy questions about puppies and the State of Origin and if you are too busy altogether you can simply just not participate for the day. During the week you’ll catch information that you might have thought about and then forgotten or not known about in the first place.

Poll results are completely confidential and results are presented as aggregated data.

If it floats your boat you can sign up here.

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