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11-year-old accuses teacher of “war crime” and is actually kinda correct

Today’s kids have access to more knowledge than ever.

In many ways that’s wonderful. A whole new generation of woke humans that are gonna help us fix this mess! But it also means the little treasures sometimes know a little too much and will come up with stuff like this.

11-year-old Ava Bell has used a student feedback form to accuse her school of committing a war crime in accordance with the 1949 Geneva Convention.

In response to a statement that asks for suggestions of ‘Things my teacher(s) can do better’, Bell wrote “Not use collective punishment as it is not fair on the many people who did nothing and under the 1949 Geova Conventions [sic] it is a war crime.”

The girl’s father, Glasgow author Mason Cross, proudly tweeted a picture of the form, jokingly asking if he should “ground her” or “buy her ice cream”.

Since then, the picture has been retweeted over 160,000 times and received more than 500,000 likes.

There are have also been some interesting replies. One user shared her own screenshot, suggesting that their kids hang out:

Another user got all nerdy about it:

And another pulled out his tinfoil hat and did some sleuthing:

According to Article 33 of the Geneva Convention, “No protected person may be punished for an offence he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited”. So she is right, kind of. But context, as they say, is everything.

Bells’s father told the BBC that his daughter is “11 going on 47” and that her feedback is no real reflection on how she feels about her teacher.

“I should clarify that she thinks her teacher is awesome,” he said. “It’s just this aspect of the educational justice system she has an issue with.”

He added that she “will never let an argument go at home” and that she has a “Google habit” that’s usually “along the lines of science and technology”.

As for the choice of grounding her or giving her ice cream? The overwhelming majority suggested that Miss Bell receive the latter. Mr Cross, sensing the people’s taste for justice, went ahead and did the right thing.

Lead image credit: Mason Cross

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