Featured Image for Old footage of an extremely young (millionaire) Elon Musk has been unearthed

Old footage of an extremely young (millionaire) Elon Musk has been unearthed

A 1999 interview with Elon Musk about his recent good fortune has resurfaced, and the Internet is loving the serendipitous time travel.

The clip is only 3 minutes long but it offers insights into Musk’s personal life, which he has always been loathe to discuss.

In 1999, as Musk explains in the video, he had just received a $USD 400 million cash payout from the successful sale of Zip2. His initial interest in the development of online banking would eventually lead to the creation of Paypal.

What’s a young guy with a few hundred spare millions going to spend it on?

Musk chose a McLaren F1, which cost him $USD 1 million at the time, and has always been a rare car. Musk spoke about the years preceding his success, where he showered at the local YMCA and slept on the floor of his office. This was his one luxury.

But the most telling insight comes from his now ex-wife, Justine Wilson, who sarcastically described the F1 as “the perfect car for The Silicon Valley”. Given the couple’s history, which Wilson has described in detail, it’s almost eerie that Wilson’s biggest fear about the money and success is “…that we become brats, that we lose a sense of appreciation and perspective”.

In the same video, Musk jokes that he’d like to make the cover of Rolling Stone one day.

Elon Musk on Rolling Stone cover

Musk’s professional life has continued to grow, with Tesla, SpaceX and Paypal becoming globally recognised and applauded. The video’s insight (however brief) into the multi-billionaire’s start

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