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Some legends have invented ‘Pet Wine’ so now you’ll always have a drinking buddy

It’s the product you never knew you needed.

Want to have a sneaky drink on a Thursday night but all your mates are gainfully employed and don’t want to be brutally hungover?

Don’t want to go through the shame of drinking by yourself?

No worries, we now finally have a solution: drink with your pets.

US pet brand Apollo Peak has just dropped a brand new product line of alcoholic beverages made just for your furry friends.

They come in both cat and dog varieties with absolutely sensational pun names like Pinot Meow, Catbernet, Chardognay and Doggy Mary.

They are of course non-alcoholic but they do have catnip in it so it’s basically the same effect.

They retail for about $15AUD for a 350mL bottle which seems a bit steep to me, but can you really put a price on the novelty of drinking with your pet?

Unfortunately for Aussie customers they don’t ship Down Under yet – so you’ll have to get your mate to grab one for you when they all bugger off to the States in July.

Sometimes people believe that catitalism capitalism has gone too far, that we’ve run out of ideas and are just investing human and natural resources into producing superfluous trash.

I think this pet wine proves that notion is categorically false.

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