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Who knew there was a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest cat?

The Guinness World Records could have a new cat at the top of the record chart, with a 120cm-long Maine Coon cat named Omar vying for the title of ‘World’s Biggest Cat’.

The record presently stands with another Maine Coon cat by the name of Ludo, from Yorkshire who is 118.33cm long.

Omar first gained his fame after his owner Stephy Hirst from Melbourne, Australia created him an Instagram account two weeks ago. From there, he became an internet sensation after the Cats of Instagram account shared her photo more than 270,000 times.

From @omar_mainecoon: "Large n proud, big cats cuddle better!" #catsofinstagram

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Omar is not one for the fame, and has been having a few meow-tdowns under the stress of TV interviews.

According to Ms Hirst, Omar was a normal sized kitten, no bigger than any of his siblings in the litter, yet within a year he was already 10kgs. Now he weighs a healthy 14kgs, and needs a dog crate to travel to the vet.

His daily routine consisting of a 5am start, a couple scoops of dried biscuits, lounging around the house, a little exercise outside in the backyard, then an afternoon nap on the trampoline, before a scrumptious dinner of kangaroo meat.

Ms Hirst says that they buy human-grade kangaroo meat at the supermarket, as “It’s the only meat we could find that he actually wants to eat.”

Apart from Omar’s sophisticated culinary taste, he also is skilled in the art of opening doors, kitchen cupboards, shower screens and wardrobes. A talent that combined with his length makes him popular with Ms Hirst’s friends who love to pop in for a visit.

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Guinness representatives in London have confirmed that they have received an application from “Omar and his family”, but it can take up to 12 weeks for a response.

Not that this is a concern for owner or Omar, who enjoys his chilled out lifestyle and is purrrceived to be looking forward to his celebrity status subsiding.

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