Featured Image for ‘Today at Apple’ is making it easier than ever to become an Apple Genius

‘Today at Apple’ is making it easier than ever to become an Apple Genius

Australian Apple stores have become learning hubs overnight.

Starting on May 17 2017 – and ending never – Apple stores will expand their educational offering far beyond what we’ve come to expect. It’s the latest step in Apple’s grand plan to create a functional, dynamic space where Apple customers really want to be.

Each one of Australia’s 22 stores will participate in the educational initiative, which has been named ‘Today at Apple’. Across the globe, 495 other stores will take part.
So, what is ‘Today at Apple’?
Apple stores already sync skilled-up employees with curious customers, but the company has pledged an increase of around 1000 in-store hours of hands-on sessions. These sessions can range from basic photography tips to one-on-one help with university projects. Every single session, which can be signed up to either online or in-store, is free! It’s a great way to break down barriers for young Aussies who want to skill up but are wasting their savings on smashed avo and flat whites.

The program for ‘Today at Apple’ encompasses many aspects of creative culture – art, music, design, editing, coding, and dance…although I think the dancers were just for the promo vid. But you can definitely ask about dance classes if you want them.

Here’s our pick of the most exciting programs. Check out what’s on today around Australia.

Photo Walks

Explore the world around you and improve your iPhone photography skills on an inspiring photo walk. We’ll take you to new places, show you how to create stunning shots, experiment with the latest accessories and share our best photography and editing tips.

Studio Hours

Bring a project you’re working on or want to get started, and our Creatives can help. Drop in anytime for 90 minutes, or stay for the whole session.

Sketch Walks

Go on a fun walk to new locations and learn how to sketch, paint and draw with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Get back to basics and explore drawing techniques, and join other artists to create collaborative artwork.

Kids Hour

An adventure awaits each week as kids create fun, hands-on projects. Designed to spark imagination and creativity, kids will explore coding, storytelling, illustration, movie making, music and more.

Teacher Tuesdays

Connect with teachers like yourself to collaborate and learn new skills through hands-on projects. We’ll explore all the ways you can engage students aged 5 – 18, manage your classroom, and create learning experiences using iPad.

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