The end is nigh: Melbourne Bunnings puts on vegan sausage sizzle and everyone flipped

Forget North Korea threatening to bomb the world or the White House melting down in controversy.

A potentially bigger event is dividing our nation, taking place at a Mentone Bunnings in Melbourne over the weekend.

Stunned tradies and DIYers staggered away in disbelief when they discovered that the snags being sold were….meat free.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

The Cheltenham Cat Rescue group was behind the vegan snag sale, and according to group founder, some folks were not too happy about it.

“I think maybe some people were disappointed to come to Bunnings ready to buy a sausage and it’s not traditional fare – some people were a bit angry, we had the odd Oscar-winning performance but most people asked questions and many gave them a try”, Reus told the Herald Sun.

Although Reus claimed this was the group’s third outing at Bunnings, this one seemed to cause the biggest stir, with some Bunnings-goers calling talkback radio to complain.

“We were a little shocked, considering it’s probably one of the most male-dominated destinations in the country,” Olivia told 3AW.

Presumably in Olivia’s world, eating meat is a manly pursuit.

There are no male vegans? Clearly, she hasn’t been to Fitzroy. Men basically can’t live there unless they are vegan and have a beard, sleeve tattoos, and an exaggerated appreciation of coffee and craft beer.

male coffee

A Fitzroy male in his natural habitat.

Others took to Twitter to vent their anger.

One outraged woman went so far as to complain to Bunnings.

Cheltenham Cat Rescue was raising money to help pay vet fees and raise awareness about desexing cats. The groups reasoning is simple: we love animals, therefore, we don’t eat them.

However, this logic was mostly lost on the dissatisfied contingent of high-vis clad folks who came to Bunnings eager to get their meat fix.

We’ve mentioned before the almost sacred position that Bunnings (and the snag) hold here in Straya. Yet despite this, you will be surprised to learn that selling vegan snags is not a crime or even against Bunning’s policy.

Bunnings State Operations Manager Tony Manzone (real name, Olivia will like it), said that the snag sizzle had been supporting local community groups for over two decades.

Since their inception, the guidelines have been consistent. Meat sausages, onions and bread. This has not changed…However, in recent years, and on a case-by-case basis, we also allow community groups to have a vegan fundraising sausage sizzle if that is their preference, which is supported by appropriate customer signage. In addition, our cafes provide vegetarian and other options for customers if required.

Maybe the meat-eaters should give the vegans a break. It’s not like they are down there every week.

I know these two groups don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. Every meat lover has been cornered by a vegan at some point and vice versa. But it’s a big world, OK? Let’s just all get along and share, shall we?

Reus said that she sold around 550 snags, raising $1,300. Surely, not all of her customers were female vegans. That’s good. Embrace the other, try something different.

There’s hope for society yet.

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