McDonald’s releases disturbing ad about a kid’s dead dad to sell burgers

What in the world happened to all the good advertising agencies?

I’m not sure what’s going on over there in Ad-Land but it would seem as though they’ve all collectively lost their minds.

First there was Coopers with their awful marriage discrimination debate, then Pepsi came along with their nauseating attempts to channel the #RESIST movement into a cola-selling exercise, and now McDonald’s have decided to get in on the act with this latest monstrosity:

The notion that they would exploit the concept of a kid’s dead father to try and sell more burgers is offensive in and of itself.

But what’s perhaps even more shocking is that presumedly this went through an entire team of professional marketers, executives and producers and none of the stopped and thought ‘hey, maybe this is just a straight up horrible and borderline psychotic idea!’

A McDonald’s UK spokesperson has since come out and tried to cool everyone off, but it’s only come off as pithy and insincere:

“We wanted to highlight the role McDonald’s has played in our customers’ everyday lives — both in good and difficult times.”

McDonald’s, I promise you, you don’t have an important part to play in a grieving child’s life – and it’s a disgrace that you think you do.

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