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Uber faces lawsuit after failing to properly provide for disabled riders

It’s not the first time the company has found themselves in this situation.

Transportation giant Uber is facing yet another lawsuit over their lack of services available to people with disabilities. In late 2016, a disability rights group in Chicago sued Uber, saying it should be providing more wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Now two wheelchair users based in Jackson, Mississippi, have filed a lawsuit alleging it violated Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act along with the California Disabled Persons Act and California’s unfair competition law.

The pair (due to the local Uber market) claim that they are unable to use Uber as it doesn’t enable them to request cars that are wheelchair accessible.

“Even if there are drivers on the road who have such a vehicle or training, there is no way for Jackson users (with a disability) to find a trained driver or accessible vehicle through the app”, the lawsuit states.

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In 2014, Uber launched Uber Access. Uber Access features two services, one enables customers to order a wheelchair accessible car – UberWAV. The other, UberASSIST allows driver-riders to access informational materials on how best to assist disabled riders. However, Uber Access is not available in all of Ubers markets.

The website that deals with the company’s accessibility states, “we are piloting several models in various cities across the country to determine which wheelchair accessible vehicle options best meet the needs of our riders and driver-partners”. Although, it is apparent that the availability of these programs depends on Ubers ability to partner with commercial providers.

Speaking to TechCrunch, an Uber spokesperson said, “We take the issue very seriously, and we are committed to increasing mobility and freedom for all riders and drivers, which of course includes members of our communities with disabilities”.

“There is always more to be done and we will continue working hard to expand access to affordable, reliable transportation options for all”.

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