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Trump’s hotel just got mercilessly trolled by a legendary artist

An artist/hero in Washington D.C. has truly done the Lord’s work tonight.

In what can only be described as an absolutely masterful trolling of the giant hate carrot, a very cheeky bugger briefly plastered a projection onto the Trump International Hotel that read: “Pay Trump Bribes Here”.

There were a couple of other slides they rolled out as well.

The messages are trying to highlight the very grave concerns that Trump could be violating the Emoluments Clause due to the potential conflict of interest raised by his connection with the Trump Organisation.

Trump is currently facing a lawsuit filed by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington that alleges he is violating the clause by accepting payments from foreign states through his hotel.

Local artist Robin Bell has claimed responsibility for the light-graffiti, turning the lights on at about 9:15pm on Monday (local time).

It stayed up for a whole ten minutes (a pretty good effort imo, given the President of the Free World owns the hotel) before a security guard came and stood in front of the projector.

Well played, Mr Security Man, well played.

“We had a couple great moments. A tour bus pulled up, people started clapping and taking photos,” Bell told the Daily News.

“Everyone on the street, except for the security guard, seemed really happy.”

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