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THERE IS NO GOD! Victoria Bitter ice-cream is now a thing

And people say Australians have no culture, like..um…try again sweetie.

We have once again managed to cement ourselves as the world’s most innovative cultural backwater after a Gold Coast (where else?) gelato store went full Drunkenstein on everyone’s asses and created a brand new flavour: ]

Victoria Bitter.

Frank Bailey, owner of Zanette’s Gelati in Surfers Paradise is the man responsible for this monstrosity/divine creation and he says the locals have gone absolutely bonkers for it.

“They just line up for it, and as you can see there’s nothing left in the tray,” he told 7News.

For the record, I for one, am quite partial to a VB (aka The Very Best, Green Devils, Vitamin B, Victory Beer) and would love to have a crack at the wildest Australian-Italian culinary mashup since we put prawns and pineapple on pizzas.

But by the same token, I can also completely understand people’s utter disgust at the very thought of it.

Different strokes etc.

So why does Frank think his creation is so popular?

“People just like it, of course. Anything with alcohol in it is good, isn’t it?”

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