Featured Image for Bruce Springsteen just released a Donald Trump diss track…and it’s gooood

Bruce Springsteen just released a Donald Trump diss track…and it’s gooood

Donald Trump’s catchphrase might be “you’re fired”, but they can’t fire you when you’re The Boss. And the Boss himself just took on Trump with his latest song.

The song was actually written by Springsteen’s friend Joe Grushecky, who he has collaborated with in the past. Grushecky asked Springsteen to provide some vocals, and the end result is a great anti-Trump anthem.

Although the lyrics weren’t written by Bruce himself, we know that they give voice to views that he shares with Grushecky, because he has already been openly critical of Trump in many interviews. But this is his first artistic statement on the matter.

The song is called ‘That’s What Makes Us Great’, and you can buy it directly from Grushecky’s website.

Fans will be happy to know that it sounds a lot like classic Springsteen tracks:

This is the latest in a long tradition of political commentary coming from the troubadour singer-songwriters who came up in the 1960s and 1970s, who haven’t shied away from politics as they got older. For example, under George W. Bush’s presidency, we had Neil Young releasing his own anti-Bush album called Living With War, in which he famously predicted that Obama would be the next president.

And at the time, Neil Young took some heat for getting political, although he was able to defend himself admirably:

And it looks like Springsteen is already starting to get some backlash from the usual suspects. But he’s not the only one singing out against Trump.

Another 60s / 70s songwriter who is back in the public eye with a political message is Joan Baez, who never shied away from politics during the civil rights era. Now she’s back with an anti-Trump anthem of her own, called “Nasty Man”:

It seemed the tradition of political folk songs is still mostly being carried on by the baby boomer generation. But for now, these artists are still going just as strong as ever.

So let’s hope that we hear more anti-Trump music from the likes of Springsteen and Baez, and maybe Neil Young as well. And hopefully a few millennial songwriters will step up to the plate too. After all, someone will have to carry the torch when the older generation of songwriters has passed on.

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