The War On Waste: Techly talks Australia’s waste crisis with Craig Reucassel

Insane stunts? Check. Trolling the public? Check. Harassing politicians? Check.

Yep, the Chaser boys are back.

Well, Chaser boy…and it’s not quite the Chaser production company anymore…but you get the point.

Craig Reucassel is returning to your screens with a documentary series called ‘War On Waste’ (evidently declaring ‘war on everything’ wasn’t quite enough).

The vital, illuminating and at times, depressing new show uncovers Australia’s waste crisis that we continue to ignore.

Here are some stats to make it bleedingly bloody obvious that we’re on a fast track to environmental ruin:

Our waste is growing at double the rate of our population.

We wasted 3.3 million tonnes of food every year – enough to fill the MCG six times over.

Aussies throw away one in every five bags of groceries.

A billion takeaway coffee cups end up in landfill each year.

We throw out 6000kg of clothes every minute.

Two-thirds of Australia’s seabirds have plastic in their stomach.

We put our waste in the bin, begrudgingly take it out mid-week and that’s about the last we ever think of it. That needs to stop.

To try to ram the point home, Craig stole random people’s groceries, chased politicians with a giant plastic bag monster and filled a tram up with disposable cups.

We sat down with him to see just how bad the crisis is and what we can do to save our environment.

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