Trump gets absolutely scorched by Merriam-Webster for spelling like a 3rd grader

The Big Letrumpski has been trolled before about his spelling and typos and the poor bloke can’t seem to catch a break.

Mixing up counsel and his council with the folks at Merriam-Webster apparently is like a 5-year-old lobbing a watermelon to Babe Ruth….They smashed him to pieces.

Donald has form in this area and has been pulled up many times before for his weak command of the English language. He is a known over-hyphen-ate-or and can slap you upside the head with a few unexpected apostrophe’s and ,,,commas. On the bright side, his mistakes provide valuable literacy lessons to the proletariat and Techly writers alike!

Let’s hope that he doesn’t order meals using lunch codes…

It’s not the first time the dictionary has roasted Trump online – whoever’s running their social media has kept a close eye on the entire presidency:

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