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Ukraine bans Steven Seagal for national security reasons. No, really

Remember that early ’90s action movie Under Siege about a US navy battleship that gets taken over by Gary Busey and Tommy Lee Jones only to be saved by the ship’s cook?

Of course you do. It’s a cinema classic, compulsory viewing.

The ship’s cook in the film was none other than action hero Steven Seagal. The movie was a high-point for Seagal, who has spent the past couple of decades travelling the United States with his country and blues band while cosying up to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

He received a Russian passport in 2016, and has spoken out in support of Putin’s annexation of neighbouring Crimea – which is illegal under international law.

This foray into political activism has won Seagal a new honour: he has been officially banned from the Ukraine on ‘national security grounds‘.

In early May, the Ukrainian security services posted a letter officially banning Seagal from the country for five years, for “committing socially dangerous actions that contradict the interests of maintaining Ukraine’s security”.

In addition to his cosy relationship with Putin, he’s also been filmed eating carrots with Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko. The clip is here.

There’s so far been no word from the Seagal camp as to how he will respond, but the seventh-dan black belt in aikido probably takes it as a sign of his sheer intimidation, and may have celebrated with at topless horsey ride with ol’ mate Vlad.

We don’t have footage of the horse ride, because it hasn’t happened, but if you don’t remember our mate Steve, perhaps this will refresh your memory.

(The clip involves a topless woman jumping out of a cake to the sounds of rock ‘n’ roll music, so you better believe it’s NSFW).

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