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The new Twin Peaks trailer just dropped, and it’s predictably weird

Forget Breaking Bad and The Sopranos, modern television’s trend towards film-style quality and storytelling owes its history to one show – Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks captured public attention like no other show in the early 90s, as viewers across the globe waited to find out just who killed Laura Palmer.

And after a 25-year hiatus, the show is back. The new trailer just dropped – and it’s predictably weird.

While watching it will give you exactly zero idea of what to expect story-wise, it’s refreshing to know that David Lynch hasn’t got any less weird in his years off the small screen.

The trailer is effectively a package of three different clips. The first focuses largely on the history and mythology of the show, bringing the viewer up to date with where we left off.

The second is almost completely free from dialogue, showing the present day characters – including Lynch himself reviving his role as

The third, apparently the official trailer, gives away less than the first two – because David Lynch.

The original show was such a phenomenon that Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev apparently asked US President George Bush to find out who the killer was.

Time magazine called it “the most hauntingly original work ever done for television”.

Fans around the world greeted the decision to continue the show with praise but also a bit of hesitancy, worried that it could spoil the legacy of the original a la The Matrix.

Much of the original cast has been retained, with a number of new additions including Michael Cera, Jim Belushi and Australia’s Naomi Watts, who previously teamed up with Lynch in Mulholland Drive.

The first episode of the new series will screen in the US on May 21.

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