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Obama reveals the most difficult part about life after the Presidency

In a visit to Milan as a keynote speaker, Obama has compared the trappings of his former employment with the relative relaxation of his current employment conditions.

The hardest part of his life at the minute…? Having to pause regularly for selfies. Barack lamented the fact that he can’t go two steps without someone requesting a photo with him.

Mr. Obama gave his comments as part of a wide ranging interview. Mentioning the support he lent to new French president Emmanuel Macron, discussing the importance of electoral participation and reaffirming his belief and commitment to progress on climate change.

The former US numero uno sympathised with the thoughts of his successor about the constraints of the presidency. He explained the suffocating isolation of the presidency, describing it as “A very nice prison”. For him, this was the hardest part of the presidency

His comments mimic recent frustrations from Donald Trump at not being able to go for a drive because of the security requirements of the job. The only place Trump gets to drive nowadays apparently is in memes.

With his recent dramatic increase in leisure time, Barack Obama has famously capitalised with a kite surfing holiday with Monsieur Branson (Thug Lyf).

He has also (more controversially) joined the cash-for-pollies public speaking circuit, percieved by some as a backflip on his presidential rhetoric regarding Wall Street.

Reportedly Obama pocketed a cool €3 mill for his appearance at the Seeds & Chips food and technology convention in Milan… Surely that is adequate compensation for a few happy snaps.

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