Featured Image for Stranger Things’ creators are already saving material for a possible third season

Stranger Things’ creators are already saving material for a possible third season

Although Season Two doesn’t drop until October 31st, we are already getting hype about the possibility of Season Three.

Recently, Mashable chatted with Shawn Levy, executive producer of Stranger Things, at a Netflix red carpet event.

Levy offered some insight into the making of Season Two and mentioned that the Duffer brothers, who write the show, suffer from an overabundance of ideas.

As a writer, I can tell you this is a good problem to have.

As the episodes were written by the Duffers, they realised that there was too much story for nine episodes. So it forced us to be judicious in which stories we tell this season,” Levy told Mashable. So one of the surprises was, not all of our grand ideas are going to be serviced in one season… If we had 40 ideas going into the season, 30 [we] are going to pick, and the rest go in the back of our head for, hopefully, future chapters.

Levy also made an observation about why the show has succeeded. One of the things that makes Stranger Things great – along with the story, setting, music and performances – is the fact that it is character-driven.

As much density of story as our show has, we have to service the characters — and the moments and relationships between characters — above everything,” he noted. If we stop being character-anchored, and we become pure genre, I think we take the beating heart out of Stranger Things, and we take the thing that people maybe don’t write articles about the most, but I think it’s what they love the most — these characters on screen.

Stories can hook you but characters are the real reason we invest so much time watching great TV and movies (unless you are my father, who correlates film quality with the size and amount of explosions featured within).

movie explosion

Dad: “Best movie ever”.

Character is the reason we care so much about the fate of Eleven and it’s also the reason many of us were so crushed when Barb was killed off. (Forget it, everyone, she really isn’t coming back).

Levy’s other major revelation is that Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), who spent most of Season One trapped in the Upside Down, will be central to Season Two.

“Will Byers is very much at the centre of Season 2. Noah steps up in the most staggering way…The Duffers and I, depending on who’s directing when, we keep sending texts to each other going, ‘holy shit, Noah is crushing it’ and we knew he had it in him, and it’s really now to get in that moment, and put him firmly in the thick of story.”

Will Byers (noah-schnapp) stranger-things

Noah Schnapp has been “crushing it”.

The success of Stranger Things has opened up plenty of opportunities for the actors involved.

Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike, recently landed a role in the upcoming IT remake, which shares some genre DNA with Stranger Things, being an ’80s tinged, Stephen King-esque series.

And Millie Bobbie Brown, who plays Eleven, has had a big year building a squad, winning awards, blowing up on social media and generally being loved by all. She’s also set to star in Godzilla: King of Monsters, slated for release in 2019.

Meanwhile, David Harbour, who plays chief Police Chief Jim Hopper, has reportedly been cast as demonic superhero Hellboy in a forthcoming reboot of that franchise.

Unfortunately, we still have a few long, cold months ahead of us before we can return to Hawkins and reunite with Eleven and the gang.

While we are waiting for Season Two, it only seems right that Netflix just goes ahead and renews the show for Season Three. Judging by the success of Season One, which was the breakout hit show of 2016, they’d be crazy not to.

Is it October yet?

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