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Genius Twitter account brilliantly mashes up Trump quotes with a Marvel supervillain

It is well-known that Twitter is one of U.S. President Donald Trump’s weapons of choice.

He has used it to attack his enemies, express his opinions and even weigh in on celebrity gossip. How he finds time to be President is an absolute wonder.

Since he invests so much energy into the medium, it’s no surprise that people have been using it to hit back at him.

We’re only in April, and this year we’ve already reported on Mark Hamill reading Trump tweets as The Joker, Bernie destroying Trump with a single tweet, a hacked McDonald’s Twitter account calling Trump disgusting, and a site that donates to charity whenever Trump tweets.

Well, now we can add another to the list.

D.M Higgins, a comic writer behind such comics as Jill Trent, Science Sleuth, has created a new parody Twitter account called ‘Pres. Supervillain’. It takes panels featuring the Marvel Red Skull and adds bonafide Trump quotes to them. It would be hilarious if it weren’t scary.

Sometimes Trump quotes are so ridiculous that they defy belief. Higgins has that covered too, adding the source for each quote next to the comics. Here are some highlights (lowlights?):

It’s not Trump’s first incarnation as a comic baddie either.

Back in the good old days of August 2016, when the idea of Trump winning the presidency was still a bit of a joke, he appeared in Marvel’s Spider-Gwen Annual #1. In that comic, Trump joined a radical scientific group and became the Mental Organism Designed as America’s King (M.O.D.A.A.K).

It’s really very worrying how well Trump fits the profile of a comicbook supervillain. Be brave, people. As Last Week Tonight host John Oliver said just after Trump’s victory, “this is not normal”.

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