Can soundwave tattoos actually bring a voice to life?

Tattoo fans across the globe are going crazy for the invention of soundwave tattoos.

This bizarre form of body art promises that the audio wave of a loved one’s voice will be played when the “Soundwave” smartphone app hovers over the ink on your arm.

Soundwave is able to translate one minute’s worth of audio. It all sounds very impressive, yet people are sceptical of the legitimacy of this technology.

So how did such an idea come to be?

Inventor Nate Siggard came up with the concept whilst leaving a tattoo parlour after getting a Tiny Dancer tattoo, when his girlfriend Juliana said, “wouldn’t it be cool if you could listen to the tattoo?” At that moment Nate realised that he could actually make that happen, and so he did.

Nate was the first ever to have a soundwave tattoo. He recorded the voice of his four-year-old daughter saying “I love you”, and then got the waves inked.

Thousands of messages came pouring in of others wanting one too!

That was the start of Soundwave Tattoos.

On their website they also have a video of the company’s tattoo artist Juliana, who has the sound of her dog Baci’s bark tattooed on her arm.

Though to many it sounds too good to be true, Nate claims that his app can indeed bring tattoos to life.

Their website reiterates this:

“Record a message from a loved one. Wear your lyrics
SKIN MOTION: tattoos brought to life”

The catch is that the tattoo has to be done by one of their approved artists and currently it’s only offered in their California parlour. The company looks set to expand with tattoo artists across the globe showing interest in training up to be one.

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