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WATCH: The terrifying moment a huge bear charges at mountain bikers

There are a few obvious dangers when riding a bike:

1. Crashing into an inanimate object.

2. Crashing into…animate…objects.

3. Sticks caught in your spokes.

But “being chased by a hungry and very large bear” isn’t something you normally consider.

This was the reality that a couple of Slovakian mountain bikers faced though when fanging around their downhill run at the Malinô Brdo.

Dusan Vinzik is an adventure YouTuber who managed to capture the exact moment a massive freaking brown bear launched in front of him and started chasing his mate.

Vinzik started screaming at his friend to warn him of his impending doom, and that might have been what saved him in the end as the bear stops in his tracks and slinks away.

FYI, if you encounter a bear in the wild the US National Parks Service recommends staying calm, remain still and slowly wave your arms to make yourself seem as large as possible.

If it still attacks you, play dead. And if that doesn’t work, fight back with everything you’ve got.

Or you know, don’t go mountain biking in Slovakian backcountry.

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