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How to watch the 2017 Australian Federal Budget

The Australian Federal Budget is read out on the second Tuesday of May.

It’s a chance for the sitting government to deliver their plan for the upcoming financial year. The Parliament of Australia describes the importance of the annual budget as such:

“Budget day is one of the busiest and most important sitting days of the parliamentary year and receives close public and media attention. It is the day when the government announces its intentions for revenue raising (taxes and other charges) and expenditure for the forthcoming year.”

The Liberal Treasurer, Scott Morrison, will read out this year’s budget. It is expected that the major points of interest for young Australians will be HECS/ HELP fees and university deregulation, housing affordability measures, consideration of early superannuation access, and changes to Centrelink.

How long will it take?

The Budget will take approximately one hour to read.

When will the Budget be read?

The Budget will be released at 7:30PM AEST on Tuesday 9 May 2017.

How can I watch?

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation will broadcast the Budget live, from 7:30PM onwards. It will be streamed online, via this link. It will also be available on ABC iview, accessible on mobile and desktop.

Budget 2017: The Treasurer’s Speech
Treasurer Scott Morrison delivers his second Budget speech from the House of Representatives. What’s the state of the nation’s finances in 2017/18? What does the Turnbull Government’s Budget mean for you?

Parliament Online
Parliament is streamed live daily, and the 2017 Budget is no exception.

The Budget will be streamed from 7:30 onwards via the Parliament of Australia

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