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Tourists in Norway are being directed disastrously by Google Maps

It has become the norm to use Google Maps when you’re seriously lost.

Whether at home or abroad, we have come to rely on this technology, often favouring it over what a street sign may be telling us. But technology is not perfect, as many tourists visiting Norway have found out.

Hundreds of tourists in Norway go on the search for the stunning Preikestolen cliff formation, better known as Pulpit Rock. Now unlike their predecessors, they opt for using trusty Google Maps, over an atlas to get them there. This has become a slight issue as Google Maps has proven to not be a reliable orienteer and instead is sending hundreds of tourists to the tiny village of Fossmork, 30 kilometres away from the actual cliffs.

Preikestolen cliff to Fossmork

Local resident, Helge Fossman, when talking to Norwegian newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad said, “We have sent hundreds of tourists away in no uncertainty that they’re on the wrong side of the fjord. In the summer season up to 10-15 cars show up each day”.

If showing up in the wrong place was not bad enough, the trip to the village itself is known to take tourists on a steep and winding road, which is regarded by locals as being a truly terrible road.

windy road to fossmork

Lucky for some, a local by the name of Gunnar Bøe, often lends tourists a set of binoculars so that they can catch a glimpse of the actual cliff formation, which fortunately is visible from the village. He, like many locals, believes that “It’s quite funny”, yet the Norwegian Public Roads Administration spokesperson, Roy Jarle Johansen, says that we need to make sure that people are shown the correct directions to get to the actual attraction.

Google Norway has welcomed this feedback and has said that the company is always working to improve Google Maps. This comes just a month after a Google Maps mix up occurred in Darwin, Australia where many people were showing up at a man’s residential home thinking it was a pizzeria. Sadly for those hungry patrons, the resident did not want any customers.

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