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Cats love humans more than we know, and there’s evidence to back it up

Many cat owners have always believed that cats view humans as little more than a means to be fed.

Many owners are familiar with the routine of being woken up in the early hours of the morning by that screeching “meow”. Cats will purr between your feet, and scratch their little heads against your ankles as you fed them breakfast but once mealtime is over, they will be off. They’ll spend the rest of the day curled up and sleep on a soft pillow in the sun, or on their kitty cat adventures outside.

Humans might’ve been wrong about cats’ intentions this whole time.

Given the choice they actually do value your company, more than that of food, catnip or even their favourite toy. Well this is exactly what three researchers from Oregon State University discovered, and they have data to prove it!

four kittens

The researchers conducted a study on 38 cats where they gave them each the choice between food, an interesting smell (catnip, or a gerbil), a toy or the attention and affection from a human.

It’s hardly surprising that 37 per cent chose food over the other options, 11 per cent just wanted to play with their toys and one cat was interested in the tantalising smells of catnip and gerbils.

But here is the catch, and the evidence that many cat lovers have been waiting for. 19 of them – 50 per cent! – preferred the companionship of humans above all of the other options.

Study graph (L), study in action (R)

So contrary to popular belief, cats do indeed love you. They don’t just want those biscuits, but instead live for the cuddles, pats and comfortable lap that you provide them with. So let us rejoice and celebrate our kitty cat friends and show them the love that they give us every day.

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