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Trigger donation app is the best way to destroy trolls

Trigger is a new, Twitter-based app, which was created to let users make “retaliatory online donations”.

Isaac Alfton, Trigger’s creator, told Mashable that he thought of the app after a flood of hostile and aggressive tweets dominated his Twitter feed, and he wanted a simple way to give back in response to those who frustrated him.

Alfton calls the app “empowering”, saying its simple nature allows people to engage and raise awareness for things that really matter to them.

A linked Trigger conversation in Twitter.

And it’s certainly gaining traction.

Immediately after Donald Trump was sworn in as President, health provider Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) saw a huge spike in donations in response to policies Trump organised. Time reported that donations to the ACLU rose by 7000 per cent!

The name of the app plays on the mocking nature from people who accuse liberals and left-wing supporters of being ‘triggered’ when they find something objectionable or offensive.

The Trigger website says that the organisation loves confrontation – providing a direct response to the 24-hour news cycle. It also provides organisations a new way to engage possible donors online and allows them to track campaigns they may be running.

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