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Play your vinyl on this levitating turntable

It may be completely unnecessary, but it’s definitely cool: this turntable actually levitates while playing your vinyl records!

MAG-LEV Audio have managed to figure out a way to use magnets to create a turntable that floats in the air.

Having obtained full funding from their Indiegogo campaign, the company is now offering pre-orders.

The estimated release date is October 2017, but in the meantime, MAG-LEV is hyping their new toy with a marketing campaign that makes pretty strong claims for a levitating turntable. I mean, levitating turntables are cool, but I’m not sure it will really “change the world forever”, as this advertisement claims:

But that video doesn’t really show you how it works. To see that, check out the following clip, where we get to see footage of the MAG-LEV in action. It looks pretty amazing:

And for those of you who aren’t physics buffs, this thing isn’t working by magic – it’s using the same technology that is found in Magnetic Levitation Trains, which are at least as cool as levitating turntables:

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