Featured Image for Thousands of Poms are demanding Louis Theroux be the next PM, and here are three reasons why he’d be AWESOME

Thousands of Poms are demanding Louis Theroux be the next PM, and here are three reasons why he’d be AWESOME

Louis Theroux: videographer, documentarian…Prime Minister…?

You might have heard that British Prime Minister Theresa May has called a surprise snap election. But with Brexit proving to be even more of a fiasco than first feared, the political climate is pretty grim.

Opposition to the hyper-conservative incumbent May is pretty fierce, but Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is somehow even less liked, so the Brits have come up with a novel idea to solve this dearth of political talent.


Almost 5000 Poms (4,882 at the time of writing) have signed a Change.org petition demanding that Louis Theroux be instated as Prime Minister at the upcoming election.

Since the EU referendum in Britain, politicians, experts and those with the country in their hands have failed to show they are capable of leading the nation during this complex time.

We call on the government to accept that the only right thing to do is appoint presenter, documentary maker and national treasure Louis Theroux as the next prime minister.

As one of the most understanding, smart and trusted men in the UK, Mr Theroux (probably) has more skills to work out what is best for post-Brexit Britain than May, Farage and Corbyn combined. And if he fails, at least he can make a bloody good film about it (or become leader of the opposition and fire some pretty great questions around the Houses of Parliament).


Louis Theroux reveals the one topic he refuses to investigate

For what it’s worth, I think Louis has shown he has all the necessary skills to be an outstanding PM:

1. At a time of tense global security fears, Louis has proven that he has exemplary conflict resolution skills – e.g. that time he talked a family of neo-Nazis out of throwing him out of their house when they thought he was Jewish.

2. He’s been able to negotiate with far-right, conspiratorial crackpots and therefore is perfectly suited to dealing with US President, Donald Trump.

3. He can easily obtain enemy secrets. Louis is well-versed in getting highly guarded people to drop their guard and divulge personal information they never intended on making public. Instead of torturing ISIS, Louis could just have a hella chilled conversation and within five minutes they would have told him all their plans, and probably invited him to stay in their spare bedroom.

For his part, Louis hasn’t ever expressed interest in running for political office, but we can dream can’t we?

And I mean, sure, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing in the Constitution that stipulates that position can be filled via an online petition but hey, gotta start somewhere I guess.

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