Featured Image for Trump got stood up by half of the Super Bowl champions for their ceremonial White House visit

Trump got stood up by half of the Super Bowl champions for their ceremonial White House visit

For those of you who don’t follow the old ‘sports ball’ too closely, let me explain.

Every year it’s tradition for the Super Bowl champions (the NFL winners) to spend a day at the White House, chilling with the President, taking selfies, getting a tour etc etc.

It’s generally a pretty jovial, celebratory affair – that is, until this year.

This year half of the New England Patriots squad embarrassed the President by refusing to show up for this year’s festivities because footballers, it turns out, have a social and political conscience as well!

The Patriots won the Super Bowl two years ago in 2015, and pretty much everyone showed up to hang with Obama – but as this photo shows, in 2017…not so much.

It’s the inauguration all over again!

Even Tom Brady, the captain and star player who supported Trump through the campaign, didn’t show up to the big day – which must’ve been a big blow to the big guy’s ego.

But perhaps the most uncomfortable moment of the day was when Trump called on Danny Amendola to step forward.

But um…Danny Amendola wasn’t there either.

Tres awkward.

"I didn't play all year but Bill wanted me front and center for THIS?!?"

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(Lead Image: Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

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