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Google just released a game-changing upgrade for Google Earth

Google Earth doesn’t get a lot of hype, but it’s always been one of Google’s most impressive achievements. And it just got a lot better.

Even the earliest versions of Google Earth were mind blowing. Just think of what explorers and cartographers throughout history would have paid for just an hour of access to a perfect world map, viewable at a huge range of resolutions.

And yet somehow Google Earth doesn’t really get much attention. Everyone has played with it once or twice, and then moved on. What would have been a world-changing innovation a mere century ago is now just a novelty on your phone.

But take another look at Google Earth. They’ve been making some interesting changes while you’ve been busy on your other apps. And the most exciting one — known as ‘Voyager’ — was just released.

What Voyager offers you is basically free Google Earth tourism. Sure, you could already zoom in on any location on Earth. But Voyager now gives you themed, guided tours.

For example, if you’re interested in museums, Voyager will take you around the world to 28 of the most famous museums on the planet. Or if you’re more of a literary type, you can check out Ernest Hemingway’s most famous watering holes. These kinds of features are sure to be useful in classrooms as well.

With the addition of Voyager to its repertoire, Google Earth is no longer just a cool interactive map and educational aid; it’s now also one of the smartest ways to plan your next holiday. That’s because Voyager also offers you the ability to check out what major cities have to offer, in terms of sightseeing and places to go.

It’s not just cities either — Voyager will take you out into the middle of nowhere to look at the most stunning natural sites, complete with embedded videos, 360° panoramas, and explanatory educational content.

And for those of you who don’t have the app and can’t download it for whatever reason, don’t fret: Google Earth now works just fine on whatever device you’re using, as long as you use Chrome as the browser.

If you’re like me and you haven’t checked out Google Earth in a few years, be prepared for a pleasant surprise. Google seemingly never fails to offer up incredible free services.

And you can be sure they’re already hard at work developing the next upgrade.

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