Aussie Dad gives the most ‘Strayan excuse ever for running a red light

As a great man on YouTube once said “BIG DOG’S GOTTA EAT!”

An Aussie battler was pulled over at 6:45pm on Easter Monday by Western Australian Police after running a red light Wanneroo – a suburb in Perth’s north.

When they asked him why he was in such a rush to get to his destination that he had to break the law, he gave what just might be the most Australian response you’ll ever hear:

“I’m in a rush to get the kids Nando’s.”

Nando’s, for the uninitiated, is a delicious Aussie Portuguese chicken chain that makes meals so good in fact that people are willing to break the law just to get them a few minutes sooner.

Amazingly, the ‘Nando’s defence’ is not legally binding in the state of Western Australia so the dude was fined $300 and lost six demerit points.

“There is simply no excuse,” the police said in a tweet.

It’s a valuable lesson to us all, whether it be a Maccas run, a Halal Snack Pack run or a Nando’s run – don’t break the law.

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