Featured Image for This year’s White House Easter Egg Roll was an absolute meme feast

This year’s White House Easter Egg Roll was an absolute meme feast

The 139th annual Easter Egg Roll took place on Monday morning and the internet has found plenty to chuckle about.

An estimated 21,000 adults and children attended, making it the most bigly, hugest Easter Egg Roll ever. (Just kidding, the Obamas’ final event got 35,000).

The event began with a low-key intro that involved Jeff Sessions reading a children’s book in his trademark Southern drawl. Following that, President Donald Trump appeared on the Truman Balcony, flanked by First Lady Melania Trump, his son Barron Trump and the Easter bunny.

At this point, it was time to sing the national anthem, but President Trump must have had a lot on his mind because he forgot to put his hand on heart. Lucky his wife Melania was there to give him a little nudge.

Imagine if Barak Obama had done something like that while in office. The Republicans would probably have seen it as proof that he is a secret Muslim/communist/antichrist. People lost it when he saluted while holding a coffee, remember?

Anyway, the next item of interest was that giant Easter bunny. On Twitter, users drew comparisons between it and the bunny-suited character from 2001’s cult film Donnie Darko. In that film, the bunny heralds the end of the world. Let’s all make an Easter Wish that Trump isn’t leading us in that direction.

Donnie Darko wasn’t the only film to get referenced:

The internet never forgets, so many Twitter users also brought up the time that current Press Secretary Sean Spicer was the White House Easter Bunny:

Next, Trump thought it was appropriate to continue his 2016 presidential campaign (buddy, you already won, OK?) and gave a speech in which he told a crowd of children about the future of America. Maybe he is running the long con and hoping they will be of voting age by 2020?

After the speech it was time for the President to get out there and shake some hands and grab some kiss some babies.

Then, one poor kid asked Trump to sign his hat. A true man of the people, Trump took that hat and signed it. Nice right? Slow down, there. For every decent thing Trump does, it seems like he has to do at least three shitty things. After signing, he gleefully biffed the hat into the air as the poor hat-owner screamed “Noooooo!” What a bully. You got pranked, kid!

Sean Spicer may not have been the bunny this year, but at least he did get to read the kids a story:

Naturally, people made comparisons between this Easter celebration and the ones held by the Obamas:

Well, look on the bright side. There are only three more of these for us to endure, right? Oh, and about another 1373 days of the Trump Presidency.

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