Featured Image for NSW Police accused of using this very, very sneaky “trick” to catch people speeding

NSW Police accused of using this very, very sneaky “trick” to catch people speeding

The New South Wales Police Force have been accused of playing cheeky-buggers with this latest “trap”.

A photograph has attracted attention online after it appeared to show an unmarked Highway Patrol car with P-plates on, and alleged it was being used as a mobile speed camera.

The image was posted to the Facebook page, New South Wales Authority Exposed, and people were pretty bloody furious that the police would allegedly use such underhanded tactics.

“I would rather see them in cop cars and being very visible to prevent bad behaviour rather than them hiding and waiting until it happens. I am sick of them saying it’s not about revenue when it clearly is!” one user commented.

A NSW Police spokesperson confirmed that there was indeed a police car displaying p-plates over the Easter long weekend.

“During Operation Tortoise, officers from the Traffic & Highway Patrol Command uploaded a photo of a Highway Patrol car with p-plates to social media,” a NSW Police spokesperson told Techly.

However, the spokesperson insisted that,

“The car was not used operationally, and using p-plates on Highway Patrol cars is not a tactic used by police to detect speeding drivers.”

When we asked what the unmarked car was used for, the spokesperson said they “did not have that information.”

It does raise a slightly curious question as to what other use a Highway Patrol car disguised as a p-plater could have?

And given given the NSW Police Force does have a history of “baiting” drivers into speeding fines, it’s not too difficult to understand where some people’s scepticism is coming from.

Either way, don’t speed, you guys.

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