Featured Image for Explore the fragmented future of augmented reality with this short film

Explore the fragmented future of augmented reality with this short film

Magali Barbé has created a film that explores the future of human interaction with augmented reality.

The mockumentary follows an augmented reality product that creates your own digital companion. ‘Strange Beasts’ is a kind of turbocharged Tamagotchi.

At the beginning, the film focuses on the cute critters that you can make before taking a slightly dark turn and exploring the potentially hollow future that this type of technology could herald in. It forces us to consider the potential of total disconnection from other humans and complete immersion in augmented digital reality.

If you had to consider whether human interaction or the emotional payoff from human interaction is more important, which would you choose?

Maybe the uncomfortable feeling you get watching this flick comes from the proximity we feel to this future. The raging success of Pokemon Go that had people going bananas and flinging themselves from cars to capture Charizards makes the video quite close to home. A variety of other augmented reality apps have also enjoyed success.

Apps like Inkhunter allows you to project tattoos onto your body to see how they will look. Yelp Monocle allows you to read restaurant reviews by pointing your phone at the restaurant.

Additionally, there are rumours that Google already owns a patent for a Terminator-style cyborg eye implant so perhaps the ‘Strange Beasts’ enterprise isn’t too far from the realms of possibility.

‘Strange Beasts’ portrays the grim potential of augmented reality but next time you are short of runners to go for a beer at the pub you could create a group of digital friends to go with. Perhaps it’s not so bad after all.

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