Featured Image for The Samsung QLED TV is truly mind blowing, makes real life look like trash in comparison

The Samsung QLED TV is truly mind blowing, makes real life look like trash in comparison

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Fair warning, if you don’t want to ruin all your future television experiences, don’t ever look at a QLED TV.

On the weekend I made the grave mistake of checking out Samsung’s latest offering and I’ve been mildly depressed ever since.

My regular TV, once a perfectly good and capable piece of hardware, now just seems to be indistinguishable from a piece of trash.

Even the sunset I’m gazing up at as I write this seems a little…meh.

After lagging for a few years, television technology has ramped up dramatically, and the QLED is right at the centre of this revolution.

There are a bunch of cool little features which are all very well and good, but it’s the picture quality of the QLED that’s so insane I had to double-take when I first walked into the showcase room.

It’s advertised as cinema quality TV, but I for one have never seen a movie with colours this vibrant, or clarity at this level.

The secret, the Korean company says, is in its quantum dot technology. Without going into too much detail, basically what happens is these quantum dots glow when the QLED’s LED backlight shines onto it and activates them.

As a result, the colours are literally the best you can see in a television today – the quantum dots mean the QLED has 100 percent colour volume – the first time in the world this has happened.

“100 percent colour volume’ presents colour that can be expressed regardless of the different levels of brightness,” JongHee Han, an Executive VP of the at Samsung explained.

“For example, a leaf can be perceived as different colours, from yellowish green to turquoise, depending on the brightness of the light.”

And another cool thing!:

The QLED Q8 has a curved screen at the exact same angle of the shape of your cornea, meaning it’s a lot more comfortable for your eyes and you can get the same picture quality from wherever you’re sitting in the room.

Any way you cut it, the QLED is a giant leap forward in television technology, and if it’s a sign of things to come – our Netflix binges are about to get a hell of a lot better very soon.

The QLED TV is the latest innovation in Samsung’s range of TVs, featuring outstanding colour, brightness, detail and contrast. See brilliant pictures come to life across the display as you enjoy easy access to Netflix, YouTube and Stan. Head over here to find out more about these groundbreaking televisions, as well as register for your chance to win your very own QLED.

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