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Jimmy Kimmel blasts United Airlines with spoof ad

On the definitive ranking of bad days, it’s safe to say that United Airlines is having a pretty crappy time.

If you’ve somehow managed to miss the scandal, a United Airlines flight destined for Louisville in the U.S. was overbooked when the airline realised four employees would have no seats on the flight. Passengers were then offered money to leave the flight, although eyewitnesses said that the haggling didn’t go too far before the situation turned sour.

A passenger was forcibly removed from his seat, despite clearly not agreeing to leave. Before realising that multi-angle videos had been posted across the web, United’s CEO issued a pretty tone-deaf apology over the “re-accommodation” of certain passengers.

Of course, those videos were seen by millions and United has copped a fair bit of flack, with plummeting share prices being the least of their problems.

On his late night show, Jimmy Kimmel argued that consumers wouldn’t accept poor service from any other industry, but because flights compete for the lowest dollar, we let them get away with a far too much. Kimmel released a sneak peek at United’s new ad, which appears to take the violence in its stride.

It’s mafia-esque with the line “you do what we say, when we say, and there won’t be a problem. Capiche?”

The mock ad is perfectly misaligned, with a clean-cut, smiling flight attendant delivering the new direction of the airline – “United Airlines, fuck you”.

There have been a few tongue-in-cheek ads and suggested marketing strategies to follow:

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