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Learn, explore and connect online to unlock your full potential

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It’s hard to deny that global communities have become addicted to feeling connected.

And yes, if you’re using the Internet to read this, that applies to you too.

In its short lifespan, the Internet has been the scapegoat for many problems – a rise in ego, planned obsolescence, even cramped thumbs! But Techly would rather focus on the potential that the Internet offers – to connect, to explore, and to learn.

You have the choice to spend your time online uselessly, or to make it as fun and enjoyable as humanly possible. We don’t know about you, but we’d choose fun and interesting every. single. time.

So, with that in mind, let Techly guide you through some of the Internet’s most intriguing wormholes.

Knowledge is power

The most valuable gift that you can give a person is the gift of education. That’s exactly what Khan Academy gives every day, available on every screen, in every corner of the globe.

By removing some of the most obstructive barriers to education, like finance and location, Khan Academy is offering the world’s knowledge to anyone with a secure connection. Translated into more than 30 languages, and traversing incredibly diverse topics, the belief is that a student can learn anything if given the right tools and support.

And yep, it’s free.

Techly has already covered the incredible partnership between Pixar and Khan Academy, which gives everyone the tools to create a classic Pixar story. Along with scriptwriting, courses can also be taken in grammar, physics and cosmology. So go on, make something revolutionary!

And, because wonders never cease, there are now hundreds of legitimate university courses available online. Only some are free, like these Harvard University courses, or even this Oxford University course (well, la di da). But all of them are online and are intended to suit your lifestyle.

The nicest place on the Internet

That’s what the site calls itself, but it really does give you the warm and fuzzies. The product of Lauren Perlow and Jeff Lam, ‘The Nicest Place on the Inter.Net’ is a video project which has been viewed more than 9 million times.

It’s an innovative project in the nicest way possible, by shifting the focus from the technical abilities of uploaders to the communal sense of belonging that can be achieved. Perlow describes it as “…something honest and good, unhappiness-offsetting, fail-proof and grin-inducing. We wanted to counter the negativity of the bitter corners of the internet. So armed with a tripod, camera, and a free weekend, we created The Nicest Place on the Internet.”

You can get involved by receiving hugs from people all around the world, or you can upload your own hug and give it to millions of other people.

Refine your skills

Although devices are ubiquitous and the world has never been more connected, concerns have been raised about how technically proficient we currently are. Typing and computing courses were prevalent in the ’80s and ’90s (when computers looked like this, mind you), but the general population’s skills aren’t quite up to scratch anymore.

The myriad of information online can be used to your advantage, if you know how you learn. There’s evidence to suggest that Youtube tutorials (which capitalise on visual learning skills) are the way to go for many – even robots are learning through video!

Take Youtube learning for a spin, and you could skill up on everything from social media mastery to band management. Using the skills you learn online can help you master the online world, like the Aussie innovators behind MuzeRoom and MR. KOYA.


There’s nothing quite like fine tuning your motor skills to get those neurones firing. Add a bit of competition and you’ve got TypeRacer. The premise is simple. See a sentence, set the timer, and type. But sheesh, it can be frustrating to realise how disconnected your sight and motor skills actually are. It really doesn’t feel like you’re wasting time, because your results get better and better as you go. Seeing your friends’ results tick over as they race you is very rewarding.

Full disclosure: I got a score of 53 wpm (91.7% accuracy) on my first practice run. See what you can get!

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