Featured Image for Pauline Hanson reaches ultimate party pooper status in call for boycott of “halal” Easter eggs

Pauline Hanson reaches ultimate party pooper status in call for boycott of “halal” Easter eggs

She’s at it again.

With Easter just around the corner, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has taken to Facebook to urge her followers to avoid chocolate brands such Cadbury.

The reason?

Hanson thinks that any true blue Aussie would opt for “non-halal” certified chocolate eggs this Easter.

In the video posted to her Facebook page, which has become a hub for conspiracy theorists, Hanson stands in a nice Aussie paddock and states that she is “still waiting” for the government to answer questions about food certification recommendations handed down in December 2015.

She then goes on to wish viewers a “Happy Easter” before warning that companies such as Cadbury’s chocolates are releasing products that are “halal certified”.

Next, she pulls out an unfortunate Lindt rabbit and awkwardly cradles it as she strolls across the paddock. She reaches a post on which a Darrell Lea chocolate egg and rabbit is conveniently placed. She recommends those, too!

Pauline Hanson and choc bunny

Hanson discusses policy with her new advisor.

After adding that we should all support Australian companies and local newsagents, Hanson concludes by telling everyone to “Go and buy some non-halal Easter eggs and chocolate – and have a Happy Easter everyone, and a very safe one.”

This woman, who believes time bickering about chocolate is time well spent, holds a place in our Senate. Let’s all take a collective deep breath and dedicate some time to understanding what a Halal certification actually means.

Halal certification refers to the practice of using a licensed marker to indicate food which has been approved for consumption under Islamic guidelines.

Hanson calls the certification an “Islamic tax” and believes that by paying it, Australians are implicitly sponsoring terrorism. However, SBS reports that the government investigated and found there was “no substance” to the concerns.

According to the Huffington Post, the origin of Cadbury’s involvement in all this began with a picture that showed a Cadbury employee holding a certificate showing its products are halal certified.

However, it was later found that this picture is many years old and originates from the confectionary company’s Asia-Pacific market.

Since then, Cadbury has been involved in an ongoing PR battle with misinformed members of the public.

Hanson is an influential politician in Australia and it’s a worry that she believes that all tweets are based in fact.

And if she thinks her imaginary Islamic Tax will come between me and some Cadbury Creme Eggs this Easter, she is very, very wrong.

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